First of all, my Name is Thomas. I´m 33 years old, from Aachen, Germany and I think, I was infected by the MB Virus when I was a little kid. The first car I can remember where my grandparents yellow W123 200D. Well I know, there where my parents Beamers, my other Grandmas Opel, but I always remember this Saharah yellow (DB673) shifting dune. My father was always for BMW… But when his Beamer (318i Convertible E36) was stolen, he said; now I’m going to buy a real convertible. Something spacier! That was his first Benz. (1995 A124 E220 Convertible Sportline). My Mum needed something reliable for every day. 100km every morning, 100km every afternoon. So she bought a used, 1989, W124 200D. So my world was perfect. No Beamer in the house, just some nice Stars…

When my 16th Birthday arrived, my father said, when I´m not going to make a license for a motorcycle, scooter or anything else, until I turn 18, I’ll get Mums Diesel. – Deal!!! 😉

2I loved my 200D to pieces… 7 Years and about 200 tkm…
It is still on the road… At my best friends fathers farm.

So, due to the years, I bought myself some classical Mercedes. The A124 Convertible, the same like my father had, when I was a teenager. A 1990 S124 300TE 4-matic with Lorinser chassis for the winter here in the Austrian alps, where i´m living since 2011. Then I felt in love with a 1991 300SE in smoke silver (MB702) with brazil brown interieur. The perfect long distance car for me.

And last winter I found something. Or should I say someone?
I was looking for a G… Since a long time ago, I was thinking of driving a G-Wagon.
And then I saw this cute one. SWB, 1990 300GD. Only about 414tkm ;-). Special colormix…

4I called the owner at the beginning of March. Such a nice old Man. Gorgeous story. The G was first owned by a very famous family in Germany, and then in 1992 a haulage contractor bought the G and repainted it in his company colours orange and blue. He used it to pull a boom lift. Therefore he added a tachograph, stronger springs and a power outlet at the rear. 13 years ago, a Mercedes collector bought the car, to reach his house in winter. He saw it, and decided to create this unique look as a MB Club Service. He used the car during meetings with other MB Enthusiasts as well.

I was so amazed by the truck! I heard the sound of this gorgeous straight 6 cylinder Diesel Engine, felt the power, while sitting on the really comfy seats, feeling like back in the 80s in my grandparents 123, or later in my first 124, and knew, I will come back in a few weeks to take this old man with me. Back to Austria where he was build, 25 years ago.